Community initiatives to fight climate change

July 24, 2020

Eat My Carbon has been designed to allow people to join together and make a difference from their own resources, and do whatever they can to help – we believe that if many people make a small contribution, then collectively we will get major change – its better than waiting for Governments and big corporations to do the right thing.

University of Colorado policy scientist Ron Brunner studies how U.S. communities deal with environmental threats and climate change, from floods in the Midwest to melting permafrost in Alaska.

A lack of political will among national governments has led to climate policy gridlock. But many local communities are focusing on solving their own climate problems, and we can learn from them.
– Dr. Ron Brunner, University of Colorado

In an article for NASA, Dr Brunner responds to 5 simple questions

  1. How do local initiatives against climate change compare to international efforts?
  2. What are some examples of successful communities?
  3. Do communities ever take action solely on the basis of predicted climate change?
  4. As you’ve researched community successes in combating climate change, have you uncovered any principles or best practices that others can follow?
  5. What’s the next step toward creating more successes?

Successful groups take action against climate change even though they don’t completely understand everything that might be needed to reach their long-term goal. They proceed by trial and error to make progress step by step.
– Dr. Ron Brunner, University of Colorado

Read the NASA article here