How It Works

How It Works

We connect landowners with an army of helpers who are willing to help supply, plant and nurture trees in their local area. EatMyCarbon provides the platform for everyone to connect, and to find the resources they need, then its up to the landowners and helpers to organise the planting and ongoing maintenance.

EatMyCarbon has been designed to allow people to join together and make a difference from their own resources, and do whatever they can to help – we believe that if many people make a small contribution, then collectively we will get major change.


We are currently working on developing systems to allow landowners to connect with helpers – for now we are just asking you to register, so we can keep you informed about our progress.

For Landowners

Any landowner that has available land can register, giving details about what land you have available for planting, where its located, and what assistance you need (advice, funding, labour)

  • Provide landscape diversity and wildlife habitats
  • Create jobs
  • Provide windbreaks, and shade for livestock
  • Help soil retention on steep slopes
  • Improve the productivity of your land especially rough areas that don’t grow good pasture
  • Limit nutrient runoff by planting riparian strips against waterways


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For Helpers

We also need an army of people to help with supplying plants, assisting with planting, and nurturing the trees once they have been planted.

Register as a helper if you:

  • can assist with the planting of trees
  • have experience in the development of planting and forestry, and can give advice about the type of trees that are most suitable in your local area
  • can supply plants suitable for regenerating a forest where the land is located
  • can assist with fundraising, promotion and organising tree planting
  • are passionate about the cause, and have any skills that could help


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